Supreme Overlord Tovil-Toba

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Supreme Overlord Tovil-Toba
Position: Supreme Overlord of the Caldari State
Term of Office: March 22nd, 2007-
Predecessor: Zhu Qi
Successor: None
Date of Birth 03/15/1945
Place of Birth: Fort Williams, Saba
Medals: Medal of Honor, Medal of Courage, Hero of the Caldari, 1st Class
Political Party: Nationalist

[edit] His Past

Yakia Tovil-Toba was born in 1945 in Fort Williams in the Saba territory of the State (now under Caropsyne control). Currently there is very little known on his early childhood other than he was a big patriot of the State, much like many members of the Patriot Bloc of Corporations [including Kaalaikoita, Wiyrkomi and Lai Dai]. Between the ages of 14 and 18, Yakia worked as an public associate of his parent's member corporation, Kaalaikoita and was given an honorary position in charge of the Internal Security Department of the corporation.

When Tovil-Toba was at the age of manhood, which in Caldari tradition is 18, he joined the Caldari Navy, and was given an officers commission. After several daring raids into the Federation throughout the years prior to the war against the Gallente, he was awarded medal after medal for his determination and brilliance. Once the Gallente Federation finally caught the Caldari assembling their own small fleet and owning several illegal outposts and territories, the Federation attacked tp bring the State back into the Federation.

Once the newly created Caldari State engaged against what the Caldari thought of the Gallente as oppressors, Yakia immediately fought harder than ever. Months into the war, he was promoted to Commander after his brilliant victory over the Gallenteans in the Battle of Ubysia. His grandfather, Yakkia had given his life after playing cat and mouse against the Gallente Fleet in their own homeland for a whole week, his entire remaining men and equipment went on a crazy rampage, destroying everything in their path and thus they were eventually all killed. Yakia was given his grandfather’s title of Admiral as a sign of respect for the great deeds and the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit for the Caldari race. Tovil-Toba took the title and went on to win the war’s final battle of Iyen-Oursta.

After his victory in Iyen-Ousta, Yakia dissappered from the limelight and was not heard from for over three to four decades until just recently when he has been seen as the Party Chairman of the Nationalist Party, long to be have been censored and declared as an outlaw organization until after the Civil War. He waited for this. Then the Civil War erupted and he is suspected of having some possible connection to the detoration of the fragile democratic government that was allowed prior to the last President's death. Weeks and months passed and eventually the CCP emerged as the victor and took control of the State, now was the oppritunity he had waited for.

Tovil-Toba realized that the CCP was highly corrupted but it appealed to be highly popular and nobody was about to attempt to destablize the highly fragile Caldari society quite yet. He used this to his advantage and slowly converted the CCP's ideology of Corporate Socialism and molded it to an entirely new form of Nationalism. However as the CCP's grip on the State slowly decayed after poor reforms and long bureaucratic processes, Yakia went into action. His Nationalist Party members started spreading their agendas, plans and ideology on the population and slowly more and more switched their affilation from the Communist Party to the Nationalist Party, obviously the nation was frustrated. Then the Chairman, Zhu Qi annouced Midterm Elections for the Party Congress and the National People's Congress and at the end of the time period, the Nationalists had gained the majority in both legislatures. A few months later, the Nationalists initated a coup against the CCP and firmly took over under the leadership of Tovil-Toba. Over the last few weeks, the Nationalists, espcially Tovil-Toba had gained enough popular support that he decreed on March 22nd, 2007; almost nine years after the last President's death, that he was to be the State's Supreme Overlord. The people hailed him and admired him for both his past, his brilliance and his dedication to the people and the State.

[edit] The Present

As Tovil-Toba settled into his new official title, that of a eternal dicator of the State, he started implimenting the master agenda of the Nationalist Party outlined in the Dicate, the wise sayings and theories of his own. However a few dissenters have seen through the facade of glory and see him as a tyrannical leader who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands during the Civil War and even now, supposedly over a million who have been labeled as enemies of the State. Already 1.4 million have ether been executed, sent to labor camps or have been deported for their disloyality towards the Party and the collective State. While his reasons for the purges can be seen rather extreme, his reforms set him apart from others. The Nationalist Party, under his leadership pledges to undo the economy's damage while it was under CCP control and bring about a return to Captialism with some Socialist ideals. He has also stated that he the people will be given universial healthcare, improved social security, widespread boost in public education and continue the Five-Year Plan of the Caldari Communist Party with amendments of the Nationalist Dictate. So far, no foreign powers have disputed his claim of Supreme Overlord nor have condemned his iron will against the people.

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